The Shadow Thief is LIVE

In December 2015, I made the difficult decision to revise The Shadow Series. Originally published in 2013, I felt such a strong connection to the story but as time passed and my writing skills grew, I became frustrated with the quality of the books. I didn’t want to be judged based on mistakes that I knew how to correct so it was either unpublish them forever, or clean them up and release a second edition.

Revising four books was never going to be an easy or a quick task, but a backlist of four books is a big thing to throw away. So I reinvested, re-releasing book one and two in 2016, before taking a break and releasing book three in 2017. And today – Tuesday April 18th – book four is finally live!

The ShadowThief_ebookHappy Re-Release Day to The Shadow Thief! Available on Amazon now!

I really enjoyed working on book four and breathing new life into the characters and I’m happy with how this series turned out.

So what’s next?

Well, I already have a grim reaper book underway and I’m eager to get back to it but while I was working on The Shadow Thief, a new idea from within that world grabbed hold of me. Before I knew what was happening, I’d plotted out a new storyline and prepared character profiles. Oops. I thought I was done with the Shadow Series, but it turns out it’s not done with me.

This new story however, has taken a different turn, and although it’s formed from the same concept of The Shadow Series, it has a completely different set of characters and it’s set in the modern world. The Hybrid is basically a spin off, designed to be read as a standalone and tells the story of a half human, half hunter with one foot in the Shadowlands and one foot in the Origin.

I’m not 100% sure how long this story will be or whether it will be published, but right now, my plan is to release The Hyrbid as a serial exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. I’ll write one chapter at a time and send it as an email instalment. So if you’ve read The Shadow Series and you want to sign up for The Hybrid, you can do so here.



If you haven’t read The Shadow Series and want to get started, book one is currently available exclusively to the Dark Legends Boxed Set which you can buy here for 99c or read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

It feels good to finally be free from old work and ready to take on something new! So watch this space!

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