For The Love Of All Things Geeky

When I was in primary school my mum was worried about the amount of homework I was bringing home, I don’t remember exactly what I was doing but at one point she did sit down with me and say I think we need to speak with your teacher, they’re asking far too much for a child your age. That’s when I confessed my homework wasn’t exactly set by the teacher, I didn’t really have to write all those sentences or do all those maths sums, I just wanted to.

The sad fact (as some might say) is I just really enjoyed learning. I thought school was great up until grade 9 when I realised it was much cooler to hate it—if it wasn’t for puberty who knows where it would have taken me. Instead I waited until all of that was over before I confessed my true love for education. Now I’m a self confessed geek, confident enough in the person I’ve become to happily share all my nerdy habits and passions in a public forum. So here they are, some of my proudest claims:

When I was 19 I lived in a share house, in an afternoon drinking session I would pull out study questions and have my housemates quiz me in the guise of a drinking game.

For about two years I had a dictionary on my bedside table, the only reason it moved is because I now have an office.

Given a choice between watching a science documentary or a recent comedy release at the cinema, I would quite likely choose the science documentary.

What’s worse is I would actually take notes while I was watching it!

I’ve also been known to listen to audio books in my car.

In primary school, I used to play at the library with a friend whose name I will not mention.

I have actually been to a sci-fi convention—but this is where I draw the line, I will never go again!

Lastly, and most importantly I wear glasses.

But in all seriousness being geeky is the best way I’ve learned to stretch my mind, I always wanted to devote my life to something that challenged me every day. Creating characters from different backgrounds with various life experiences gives me the perfect excuse to learn as much as I can about everything I can think of. I’ve been writing for 5 years and already I’ve covered a range of subjects from quantum physics, herbal medicine, combat training and SAS survival, I certainly wouldn’t call myself an expert but I’ve dipped my toe in the water, hopefully just far enough to make my characters believable.

Now I get to blame my love of all things geeky on ‘researching for a novel’, but really I’m just a kid with a lot of pretend homework.

2 thoughts on “For The Love Of All Things Geeky

  1. My idea of a great lesson at school was ‘quiet time in the library with a book’. Heaven! That’s where I learned that T. Rex’s teeth were six inches long and how long light took to reach the earth.

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