It’s The Darkness That Inspires Me

At the time of writing this blog I am sitting in a small tin house on the top of a hill, it’s pouring with rain and the wind is making the windows shake. Strangely enough this is my ideal holiday. I’m in the middle of nowhere with a pot belly fire and my lap top, these are the conditions I need for my imagination to thrive. Sure it works pretty well for me no matter where I am but here in a small country town, four hours south from where I live, there is absolutely nothing to distract me. I can spend hours locked away and work into the middle of the night, if I feel like a walk there’s sixty acres to roam, farm dogs and sheep—it’s lambing season so there’s plenty of those as well. Space and silence. It’s all I need to gather my thoughts, relax my body and get lost in a world that’s not my own.

Luckily this house belongs to my brother, meaning I can take advantage of family rights whenever I choose to, invade his home and make it my sanctuary for a few days. This short stay has given me a taste of all seasons, it’s been horribly cold at night but with a pot belly fireplace that’s no big deal, some of the days have been warm enough to sit out in the sun, others windy and raining, to my delight there was even fog one morning. I have to admit that was one of the reasons I came here. My brother often sends me pictures of fog sitting heavy over the hills outside his house and this year I was determined to see some for myself. I’m not sure what time it was when he opened my door, released the dogs to wake me and screamed out that there was fog. In those first few seconds I couldn’t comprehend what was going on, I thought maybe the world was coming to an end, but once the words sunk in I jumped up with a beanie and a jacket, tucked my camera in my pocket—afraid that if I didn’t act instantly I might miss it—and did a lap around the property snapping shots and basking in the creepiness of it. Fog is the kind of thing you expect to see in a horror movie, it’s a cliché but for me that doesn’t stop it from being amazing. It’s a great setting for the stories floating around in my mind, in person I’m actually very positive but it’s the darkness that inspires me. Storms, fog, ghost stories and the howling wind have given me all the fuel I need to power through my editing lockdown. Each day I’m getting just that little bit closer to the release date, at the end I’ll be able to smile upon this series and remember the days that helped bring it all together.

Thanks to my brother for his hospitality and mother nature for bringing a wild storm on my final night.

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