Wherever there’s a shadow there’s a light.

When I tell people about my books the most frequently asked question is: where did you get the idea? Usually it’s in a social environment and it’s inappropriate to launch into an inspirational description, but what better medium to use than a blog. My paranormal/fantasy series is about a woman who discovers her shadow can transport her to a parallel universe; it’s a terrifying place where mysterious creatures roam and danger challenges her will to survive. She’s searching for a way to protect herself but she soon discovers she has no control over the transfer and gradually the phenomenon starts to destroy her life.

So where did it all begin?

For me the idea for a book often begins with a subject, obviously there are shadows everywhere you go and I started to wonder how it would affect your life if you were afraid of them. There is a sentence in the book that says ‘You will be surprised how aware of shadows you’ll become’, and I have to say that was exactly what happened. There are certain times of day and particular lighting positions that create stronger shadows but the only time you can ever truly be without a shadow is in complete darkness. But what kind of life would that be? And what if you couldn’t tell anyone why you were so afraid of them?

There is definitely a psychological thriller vibe in the first book and it was interesting to take the journey with my character as she struggled to come to terms with what was happening to her, but my favourite genre is fantasy and that’s what I love to write. I figure the true life horror stories of insanity, death and destruction are all around me, why would I want to write about them? Instead I prefer to imagine scenarios in which the tragedies of everyday life are born out of something more mysterious. So what if her delusions were actually real?

The Shadowlands may be a parallel universe but it is nothing like the world we live in so while the concept allowed me to explore the psychological challenges the setting brought the fantasy element to life. There is no limit when it comes to fantasy and so from that point it was just a matter of coming up with creatures that would scare the shit out of me if I ever came across them!

It is the beginning of a story that is the hard part, once I start writing ideas come in regular waves and I get to live a small part of my character’s life every day. You will never find me without a notebook in my handbag because the finer details of the story come from the world around me.

Inspiration is everywhere.

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