Take Inspiration From Children

Cover of "Room: A Novel"

Cover of Room: A Novel

This week I’ve been reading a book called Room by Emma Donoghue. It is a very highly recommended book and now that I’ve read it I know why! It is about a boy who is locked in a room with his mother, he is five years old and he has never seen outside of those four walls. The story is written from the boy’s perspective and it offers a short insight into the mind of a child. To begin with it was hard to get used to the child-like train of thought but eventually I realised it was stirring pleasant memories, just simple things like the excitement of turning one year older, the bizarre inner dialogue that comes from playing with toys and the hilarious fear of descending steps on your feet rather than your butt.

In the mind of a child the world we live in looks completely different, it’s a place where everything is amazing and new things are happening all the time—suddenly it dawned on me that there is no better place to take inspiration from. Sometimes the world shouldn’t be viewed in a completely sensible fashion, if you love something it shouldn’t matter if that love is not conventional, the characters on TV and in books can be real if you want them to be and it’s okay to have blinding faith in something if you choose to. When you find something to be excited about you should make absolutely no effort to hide it and whenever there’s an opportunity—believe in the impossible!

2 thoughts on “Take Inspiration From Children

  1. I’ve read that book, its one of those chilling ones where parts of it still pop up in my mind at really random times. Its an amazing story, so conflicting as its so increadibly sad from both the mothers and the boys point of view. He doesnt know anything else except for “Room” and although it is such a terrible place, its his home, and where he feels safe. I get shivers just thinking about that book!

    • It’s a very strange mix of creepy and inspiring isn’t it. It was amazing how creative Ma was in finding ways to teach Jack and keep him busy, and I loved the way he viewed the world – as though everything was really rare, like seeing the moon and mice and spiders was really special. Disturbing subject matter but well written!

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